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Scrum expertise by
Peter Bracken

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Video clips

Youth training : relation between the high level and the youth training.

Tackle from 2 shoulders
Collective attack option : basic principles

Attack :

Supports after a line break
Relation between the scrum and the first phase
Inside running of backs in attack
Forwards charging
Box kick of 9
Miss pass (Skip pass) + decoy runners
First phase with several options

First phase in outside zone after scrum and lineout
First phase in central zone after scrum and lineout
First phase after scrum and lineout (referee zone)

Defence :

Smother tackle (no high tackle)
Tackle near the in-goal
The chasing after a long kicking

Defensive organization against extra men
Defence after lineout
Defence after scrum

Turn over :

Turn over in first defensive line
Turn over from long kick

Ruck and maul :

Contest in the ruck
Lineout and maul (basics)
Basics of ruck

Static phases:

Kick off receipt
Basics lineout

System game :

Attack system of French national team (2017)
Attack system of GB national team (2015)
Attack system of french national team (2014)

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