Video and statistics software

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  SEASON 2018/2019    

- Sequence + statistics (effective playing time)
- Kick off, Restart kick, Line out, Scrum, Penalty kick and Free kick + statistics
- Line out and play, scrum and play
- Turn over
- Knock-on+ statistics
- Points + statistics
- Penalty + statistics

Choice A

30 € the match


Choice A with :
- Ruck + statistics
- Maul + statistics

Choice B

50 € the match




Choice B with :
- Tackle + statistics
- Break through + statistics
- Kicking game + statistics
- Switch side + statistics

+ statistics for turn over, scrum + first phase, line out + first phase and territorial domination.

Choice C

75 € the match


  If you can to test the software, please contact :    


1- You shoot the match 2- We cut it 3- You operate it


You shoot the match :
You send it by internet by 1 or 2 videos files (1 by half time), we have a specific server to receive.

We cut it  :
You will received an email with a specific file (.exrpt) that you import in the software.

You operate it :
With the software, the video(s) file(s) and the specific file, you are ready to watch and select any phase of the game.

A software for all !

No need to buy the software, no license, it is free , coaches and players can use it. There is no contract, you pay for each match. You can stop when you want.

Watch the little online demonstration !



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